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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is required?

The amount of time that you want to invest is completely up to you.  There are no arbitrary time requirements.  We don't work that way.  Let your conscience be your guide.  But be aware that whatever time you can invest in the Club's activities will be paid back many times over in the satisfaction you will have of being a part of the Club's success!  Rest assured that we truly appreciate whatever time you are able to give us!  As a general guideline (subject to modification), most meetings are 1 - 1.5 hours (depending on the business to be addressed), and formal dinner meetings could take possibly 3 hours.  Most service projects are estimated to take most of a morning or an afternoon (sometimes both...depending) - usually on a weekend day, but not always.  Remember that these are only general guidelines!

What kind of things will I be expected to do?

There are no "expectations" in the activities and programs you elect to become involved in. We have no "rookie programs", initiations, or apprenticeships, or other "hoops" you must negotiate first before being accepted as a full member in good standing.  You have brought knowledge, experience, and initiative to the table, and we truly appreciate that.  We do expect enthusiasm, due diligence, reliability, congeniality...all those qualities that have already made you successful in your endeavors. Those...and heartfelt adherance to the principles and bylaws of the Zonta Club of Cincinnati and Zonta International.  This is understandibly a long answer to a very important question!  The bottom line:  become as involved as you are able!  Remember, you became a member to make a difference!

How much is my membership going to cost?

This is a difficult question to answer completely, because there are many variables.   As stated above, remember that these are estimates only, and can change with conditions!  Presently, annual membership dues amount to approximately $160, which includes Club and International Zonta dues. Monthly dinner meetings usually incur a cost of $30-$35.  The annual Wine & Dine Scholarship fundraiser festivities is $60 - $80 per person, depending on the venue.  Additional donations are always warmly welcomed.  Those are the "major" expenses.  Remember that these are only estimates, and can fluctuate somewhat.  Incidental costs are not included.

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