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Our Service Programs 

Family Using a Tablet

Families Forward is a Cincinnati based organization that helps children develop the attitudes and behaviors necessary to become productive, independent, and responsible citizens through a school-based, family-centered program.


Zontians support Families Forward by providing books, games and other toys for girls at Christmas time.

Cradle Cincinnati
Letters of Love

Cradle Cincinnati is committed to helping every baby in Cincinnati live to celebrate their first birthday. They are a diverse group of community members, healthcare professionals, parents and organizations all working together to save lives.


Zontians write encouraging notes to expectant moms in Hamilton County.  To date the club has provided over 800 letters of love to women to support them during their pregnancy. 

Sleeping Mat Image.jpeg

North Fairmont Community Center
Sleeping Mats for Homeless

North Fairmont Community Center is a Cincinnati based organization that supports the underserved population of the community through affordable housing, food, and other necessities as well as educational workshops and recreational activities.


Zonta members crochet sleeping mats using 'plarn' created from plastic shopping bags and donate them to North Fairmont Community Center for their Angel's Arms Free Store.  These are given to homeless women to provide them with a dry place to sleep.

Recent Projects:

Food Donation
Birthing Kit Contents.jpg
Newborn Kit 2016.jpg
Birthing Kit Assembly Group pic. 3...20220730_114829.jpg

Birthing and Newborn Kits

     In October, 2022, we heard from the Director in the US for Haitian Christian Outreach.  Peredo Community Hospital in Haiti is very thankful to receive our simple birthing and newborn kits that help their mothers and babies get off to a healthy start.  It is the only hospital in that area and it serves one million people. Recently it celebrated its 10th year and has set new goals to establish clinics in the mountainous areas. Haitian Christian Outreach is one of the partners with FAME, our distribution partner located in Indianapolis.  

     The World Health Organization estimates that the number of women and girls who die each year from complications of pregnancy and childbirth declined from 451,000 in the year 2000 to 295,000 in 2017.   Another 20-30 women incurred injuries and infections. Developing countries accounted for most of these deaths.  While this decline is remarkable, it is also known that women and children’s health has suffered in recent years due to civil unrest, the pandemic, and climate change.

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