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We will be offering several workshops on Saturday and Sunday to help you hone your skills in Advocating, Leadership, Membership and Service.  Below are the individual workshops for each learning track.  Please see the Meeting-At-A-Glance for details on dates and times.

Women Holding Hands

Track 1


for Results

  • How to Speak to Legislators

  • How to Advocate for Indigenous Women

  • How to Negotiate for Your Equal Pay and Organize Equal Pay Campaigns

  • How to Advocate for Zonta Says No and Anti-Human Trafficking 

Smiling Modern Business Woman

Track 2

Build Confidence 

& Skills

  • How to Recognize and Build on Core Competencies for Zonta Leadership

  • How to Create and Use Effective Power Point Presentations

  • How to Practice Conflict Management Skills

  • How to be a Nurturing Leader

Happy Friends Laughing

Track 3

Attract & Retain


  • How to Conduct Virtual Recruiting

  • How to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in our Membership - Part 1

  • How to Increase Diversity and Inclusion in our Membership - Part 2

  • How to Grow Zonta with New Clubs, E-Clubs.


Track 4

Increase Local and Global Impact

  • How to Tie Local Service to International

  • How to Maximize our Mission through Local Service

  • How to be Successful with Virtual Fundraising

  • How to Partner with Like-Minded Organizations for Service and Fundraising

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